The last few patches for Windows have done something bad to my version of IE (version 6). It crashes constantly until I clear out the cache or reboot.  More than ever I am ready to move to Vista and all the newer versions of the various components I have grown accustomed to like IE.

My Vista machine remains incomplete since I still have not re-ordered a new processor. I need to try to get that done in the next 24 hours…

I am still struggling with a weird MAPI issue.  I was finally able to get the issue of the user mailbox from locking by giving him view only permissions to the Information Store. But it hasn’t really resolved the MAPI issue since he continues to get knocked off of AOL Instant Messaging (IM). I need to download some sort of sniffer and start reviewing the traffic to see if I can see what is traveling along the wire. Maybe try TCPview.


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