I had a user come in and want to set up her new TREO 650P that she got from Verizon so that it would synch with our Exchange Server. I went through and input all the required settings into Versamail 3.5 and it came back with SSL errors: it just didn’t like the certificate. Huh. So, I went out to my certificate authority server and tried to download the certificate manually but I wasn’t getting the usual responses (as in, “Do you want to install now?”).

After talking to Palm, turns out that if you aren’t using certificates from authorities that they list on their website when using Versamail 3.5, you are out of luck. Knowledge Base article 16733 goes on to state:

  •   “If you are receiving these error messages and you’d like to continue using VersaMail 3.5 with EAS, you will need to use one of the Certificate Authorities on this list, or discontinue use of SSL. The error messages are occurring because VersaMail cannot match the Certificate Authority of your SSL Certificate to the approved list. Unfortunately, there is no option available at this time to modify the trust list.”

This is is a real showstopper for tiny organizations that are trying to cut costs and simply create their own certificates. The user has decided to go back to Verizon to get a Windows based unit.

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