Did you miss me? I have missed blogging! Suffice it to say that I lost my way to such mundane things as raising a teenager who was offended when I mentioned her in a post (she doesn’t even remember telling me this now), nearly finalizing a divorce and health issues that have included a healthy dose of depression. That last item has been the fight of my life…for my life. So, here are some of the incredible people along the way that have been true highlights and have sustained me to get back here:


My sisters, daughter and Terry and his daughters became extended family to me. Their affection is a healing balm.

andrea_deanna nish deanna D_L_S PB271174

My pets

Cassie & Sarge are endless sources of fun

PC271223 P7211543

And my dear friends who support me constantly

Maryam, Rob and so many others!

PA140492 Rob

I am so lucky! Thank you for helping me find my voice again. And oh my goodness, I have at least 25,000 words to get out, so you know, brace yourself.