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The latest EPolicy server console is a very welcome change to the interface without a huge disruption to finding what you need. What hasn’t gone well is the performance of the actual product: Apache crashes often & with vigor.

I created a new 2008 R2 server to house 5.0 (4GB of RAM, 1 CPU). This environment runs on a SQL 2008 instance (4GB of RAM, 2 CPU). Exporting all the policies and importing were a breeze. I added new LDAP servers and recreated the existing AD structure. Reapplying all the policies is a bit tedious since we have a rather complex AD structure but hey, you do it once and move on, right? Then deployed the 4.8 agent out to all the desktops and servers so that they would join the new console. Deployment via the console went without a hitch except for the usual DMZ machines giving me the usual fits.

I use a mix of Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE)  8.8 for physical clients along with MOVE 2.6.2 for my virtual environment. That detail is where I started to see issues. VSE is a full featured product whereas MOVE is essentially the “light” version of that client so that the virtual guest isn’t overburdened with scan activity. I started to notice after a day that I had some unusual load and activity on some VMs. I started checking deeper and saw that some guests had the VSE client and MOVE! Hey, that’s not right. I can report that filtering the view is even easier in this client, so it wasn’t hard to see where the problems were after peering deeper.

Then I got support tickets for SharePoint. Email notifications not working. Hmm…port 25 is blocked. What is going on here? I go back and check policies and sure enough, the custom policy is not applied. Instead, the default one is in place.

Then a couple days later, I couldn’t log in to my console at all. A review of the event logs demonstrated that Apache had crashed. McAfee doesn’t offer any recommendations for adjusting memory allocation on a Windows server, so a ticket has been opened to dig deeper into the mystery of the disappearing policies and crashed services.